looping smbd? [was Re: AW: [Samba] Samba creating multiple isntances of the deamon]

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Fri Oct 14 14:21:49 GMT 2005

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Louis van Belle wrote:
| Hi, i think i have the same problem here also ,
| i had a problem 2 weeks ago, my samba panic-ed, but
| i lost my logs with the panic code in it.
| and i'm sure everybody logs out every day, and there are
| only 2 persons who know's our root passwd. my and my collega
| ( and he is on holiday the basterd.. ;-))
| Im running debian sarge, ldap , cups, and installed on
| last monday nscd to get less load on ldap.
| i have'nt restarted samba yet, because i can only
| that at 22:30.
| other people also run debian and had samba panic's

Will someone please get me enough information to be
able to do something about this?

I need either an smbd backtrace from gdb (with debug
symbols enabled), or an strace of the process in the

And I need specific Samba versions (not distro names).

cheers, jerry
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