[Samba] Re: Samba for Embedded System, Network-Storage and Print-Server

paul kölle paul at subsignal.org
Fri Oct 14 08:29:59 GMT 2005

Ranjeet Kumar - R&D wrote:
> Hi,
> I am new to the mailing list, if any thing is wrong please excuse me in
> advance. 
> We are running Linux-2.4.20 on the MIPS32 architecture. We have USB2.0 host
> and various network interfaces on the board and we want to support "USB
> Network-Storage" and "USB Print-Server". Until now I am able the make
> "USB-Storage" and "USB-Printer" working locally. 
search google for "samba ipkg" there are builds of samba 2.x for WRT54GS
like devices which seems identical to what you're using. There is a
samba 3.x build for the NSLU2 but IMO it has more RAM/FLASH...


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