[Samba] Samba for Embedded System, Network-Storage and Print-Server

Ranjeet Kumar - R&D Ranjeet.Kumar at aztech.com
Fri Oct 14 05:51:29 GMT 2005


I am new to the mailing list, if any thing is wrong please excuse me in

We are running Linux-2.4.20 on the MIPS32 architecture. We have USB2.0 host
and various network interfaces on the board and we want to support "USB
Network-Storage" and "USB Print-Server". Until now I am able the make
"USB-Storage" and "USB-Printer" working locally. 

Please let us know HOWTO make it network. I read that Samba can enable these
devices to be shared with other machines in the network. Is there any other
way to support this feature? In case of Samba, what is the memory footprint
required? Is there any tiny version of Samba for Embedded System? For your
information, we have 16MB RAM and 4MB FLASH.

Really appreciate any help and comment!


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