[Samba] result was WERR_ACCESS_DENIED

E. Dandrades eddie at dandrades.org
Fri Oct 14 07:55:34 GMT 2005

Anyone know what this means and how to fix it?


Running command: rpcclient -N -U'root%password' -c 'setdriver HPPRINTER HPPRINTER'
Connecting to host=
Connecting to at port 445
Doing spnego session setup (blob length=58)
got OID=1 3 6 1 4 1 311 2 2 10
got principal=NONE
Got challenge flags:
Got NTLMSSP neg_flags=0x608a0215
NTLMSSP: Set final flags:
Got NTLMSSP neg_flags=0x60080215
NTLMSSP Sign/Seal - Initialising with flags:
Got NTLMSSP neg_flags=0x60080215
lsa_io_sec_qos: length c does not match size 8
SetPrinter call failed!

Password for root required to access via SAMBA: 

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