AW: [Samba] Samba creating multiple isntances of the deamon

Elmar Bihler elmar.bihler at
Fri Oct 14 06:17:27 GMT 2005

Hello Benoit & Gerald,

   I have the same problem here on a Debian Sarge server. (I also found an
older posting from 2004 by the subject of "[Samba] smbd hung processes -
Samba 3.0.7", which described this problem, but back then the thread ended
without a solution.)
   Benoit, perhaps we can compare our installations and thus find the
culprit, hence some questions:
- Do you use LDAP authentication?
- Do you use the name serving cache nscd?
- Do you use printing over Samba/CUPS?
- How is your login script called? I use a vbs login script that is called
by the client's "run"-registry key.
- On my system, the bad processes can only be killed by kill -9, not by kill
-15. Same on your system?


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