[Samba] Active Directory to OpenLDAP+Kerberos on Linux

Gary Dale garydale at torfree.net
Thu Oct 13 10:22:18 GMT 2005

Akshay Guleria wrote:

>I have been working on Windows NT PDC to OpenLDAP+Samba migration
>project and all is going on well, thanks to idealx.
>Now, I want to now do migrate MS Windows 2000/2003 based Active Directory
>to Linux+Samba+OpenLDAP+Kerberos.
>Somehow, the impression that I am getting having gone through many
>docs, including those from samba.org is that its not possible till
>probably version Samba 4 is out.
>My questions to the list:
>1. Is there some way to achieve this migration. Windows AD to
>Lnux+Openldap....Can someone point me to the right kind of
>2. If its not possible, then is it on the list of features of Samba 4.
>That is " is it going to be there any soon". how soon? :)
My readings of the docs is that while Samba can't be a DC in an AD 
domain, there is nothing to stop it from being a DC in an LDAP/Kerberos 
domain. That is, you can't currently mix Windows DCs and Samba DCs in a 
domain hierarchy, but you can run one with just Samba.

For migration, I believe you can export the Windows information to an 
LDIF format and then import it into LDAP, but I've never tried it.

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