[Samba] Re: Can see folders but not files connecting through VPN

Juha Pietikäinen juha.pietikainen at connet.net
Thu Oct 13 04:36:52 GMT 2005


that sounds very much like MTU issue to me.
So you should try to lower VPN-connections MTU and MRU settings from the 
server side.
This could be easily verified by sniffing network traffic with a Ethereal.
If you found fragmented IP-packets, the problem is most likely high MTU or 

Juha Pietikäinen

Original message:
We are having an issue with our Windows Xp laptops on our network when
connecting in using a VPN. When connected directly to the LAN this
problem does not occur

When a user connects to our network through a VPN (using secure ID
tokens)they are able to browse to their home directories sitting on a
redhat box running Samba 2.2.5-1. They are able to see all the
directories but not any files contained within.

As soon as they return to the office and plug into the LAN they are able to
see all the files again.

Any ideas would be appreciated


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