[Samba] Profile migration from 2.2.3 to 3.0.9

Christoph Empl christophempl at gmx.de
Wed Oct 12 11:09:24 GMT 2005


i've got a problem with the migration of roaming user profiles from 
samba 2.2.3 to 3.0.9. (2.2.3 and a old server, 3.0.9 on a new maschine)
The problem has to do with the ntuser.dat. When i log on a newly to the 
domain added maschine, i get the error message that the server stored 
profile can't be found and, because i deleted the locally cached profile 
on the client, that the local profile can't be found.
When i delete the ntuser.dat, a new one is added from the default user's 
profile and the user's desktop content is lost... So i think that the 
old ntuser.dat doesn't fit. I read something about user sids which i 
didn't understand completely. If i read the sid of the ntuser.dat file 
with samba's profiles tool, i get a endless list of entries and i really 
don't know which one i should change.
By the way: the maschine's and the domain's sids are the same on the new 
and on the old maschine.

Thanks for your help, Christoph

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