[Samba] Samba create user problem

Edy Sulai esulai at bmais.or.id
Wed Oct 12 11:31:09 GMT 2005

Dear all,
I have samba setup with pdb_mysql. smbd connects to mysql server without
problem. (I'm using mysql because i already have email server running with

The problem is with user creation. when creating user from SWAT
all entries in mysql database is fill with '[NULL]'. Only acct_ctrl field
is filled with '16'.

I tried with smbpasswd backend and samba works fine. every thing works
very well.
pdbedit -L -v shows all users. No complain at all with smbpasswd.

Not much documentation about samba & Mysql backend found on the net.

can anyone give me pointer what's wrong ?

Thank you very much


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