[Samba] Bandwidth reduction

Mads leMaire mads.lemaire at jotron.com
Wed Oct 12 08:53:14 GMT 2005


I have a Samba server 3.014a running on an embedded controller using linux kernel 2.4.25. The unit acts as a storage media for a Windows XP client through a 10mb network interface.The client typically writes data to the samba server, and needs to complete the writing within a specified time. This normally works fine. Now and then, large amounts of data is read back while data still beeing written. At this time I  experience that data is not written fast enough. This is due to the limitations the 10mb network interface.
Typically, I map up two samba users to correponding drive letters at the windows side, using one for the writing process and one for the read-only process. Is there some "easy" way I can limit the bandwidth available for the read-only user to achive more throughput for writing data?


Mads Olav


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