[Samba] problems with samba 3 and termnal server

Adrian Midgley dr.midgley at homefieldsurgery.nhs.uk
Tue Oct 11 16:48:47 GMT 2005

Jeremy Allison wrote:

>On Tue, Oct 11, 2005 at 10:20:41AM +0200, Lorenzo Pilotti wrote:
>>a customer currently uses a Suse 9.2 pro with the last version of Samba to
>>share a folder containing data for an Enterprise Management program (Windows
>>everything works fine with local clients (many 98s and 1 XP machine).
>>we have some (15) clients connecting to the ERP program via a Terminal Server
>>(Windows2K server). these clients often stuck in some requests for 5 to 15
>>minutes (randomly) and then unlock and continue working.
I'm getting something similar - Suse 9.3 client running rdesktop with a 
session from TS 2003 which gets its dbase files served by a Debian Samba 
3 server.

Oddly, it seemed to happen after running nicely for a while, possibly 
the week before last.  I can't see any admission of changes on MS site.

>It's possible to set a registry setting that causes TS to open a new
>SMB connection for every logged on user, this should help if the problem
>is requests getting stuck in smbd's single threaded queue. 
I'll try that.

>The TS client
>has some multi-threaded synchronisation problems that Microsoft could only
>solve by going back to the (sensible) multi-connection model. They only
>changed to single-connection to screw Samba over in a big account anyway
>(the honest and sad truth :-).
Bad people.

It isn't entirely clear to me whether the registry setting is the same 
for TS2003 as it was for TS2000.
I'll try it.

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