[Samba] excessive lpstat calls

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Tue Oct 11 12:56:42 GMT 2005

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Andrew Morgan wrote:
| I run a fairly busy samba server that only serves up users' home
| directory.  I am running Samba v3.0.20 under Solaris 10 on a Sun v440.
| I'm seeing a large number of calls to '/usr/bin/lpstat -v'.  These are
| probably occuring everytime a new client connects, but I'm not positive.
| The server does not have any printers attached to it, has no entries in
| /etc/printers.conf, and is not running lp services at all.  I am unable
| to remove the lp packages from the system due to dependencies.  I have
| no intention of using Samba as a print server on this machine, so I'd
| like to disable printing entirely and prevent Samba from calling lpstat
| continuously.
| I've attached my smb.conf file.  Any suggestions?

Try setting "printing = bsd" and "printcap name = /dev/null".
Although we really shouldn't be looking for printers at all
when there ie no [printers] section in smb.conf.

cheers, jerry
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