[Samba] AD newbies having several issues

Andrea Campi a.campi at inet.it
Tue Oct 11 07:53:18 GMT 2005


I'm setting up my first AD-like setup on samba 3, but I'm having a  
hard time.

I have the primary and backup DC with an LDAP backend set up and  
working fine. File shares, profiles, netlogon, all works fine as long  
as they are on the PDC.
Now I want to move shares and profiles to a separate server, which I  
set up as a domain member. I configured users' home directories in  
the LDAP backend, and they are properly mounted; I configured  
profiles directories, and the client sort of see them.

Still, profiles are no go. I enabled logging on the clients, and I  
see XP manages to mount the profiles share, creates the user's dir,  
but then something wierd happens: the new directory appears to belong  
to FS/user, not DOMAIN/user !

I investigate the problem more, and this is what I'm seeing (and I'm  
not experienced enough to tell whether it's right or wrong):

the domain controller (KDC) has a sid:  
the file server (FS) has its own sid:  
when I log in to the XP machine, my user has a user sid (in addition  
to several groups), which corresponds to DOMAIN/acampi:  
but its home directory, and any file it own appears to belong to FS/ 
acampi: S-1-5-21-1218707650-1570396825-3317316570-1234
and thus I'm NOT the owner.

It looks like samba does know the directory and files belong to  
acampi (the Unix user), but when sending ownership information it  
uses its own sid, which of course is useless...

What gives?


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