[Samba] Samba 3.0.20a and Winbind crashing (bug?)

sysrm at stvincent.ac.uk sysrm at stvincent.ac.uk
Mon Oct 10 07:22:34 GMT 2005

Yeah i forgot to mention that, i had the same problem in 3.0.14a as i do
in 3.0.20a :/

Mine doesnt freeze, it actually ends the daemon. whats odd (just noticed
this morning) is i checked the server at 7:40am, all is well. checked it
at 8.05 am, its crashed!

just had a look through logs etc, it looks like it crashes at 8am most
days! always 8 am! last night when i checked it was slighly different, it
seems that crash was caused due to a log rotate. :/

Any one else got any ideas?



> This sounds like the same problem i had with winbind in both 3.0.14
> abd 3.0.20.
> Mine freezes, and the daemon appears to be still running using ps and
> top,
> but it doesnt respond to queries.
> It seems like i can trigger this event by running getent passwd. It
> shows the
> accounts, but then the daemon dies.
> I run it on debian sarge, and i have another server with different
> hardware
> that also runs debian sarge. The other server does not have the problem
> (havent tested with getent passwd) but it does not see as many auth.
> attempts
> as the freezing server does. I use winbindd for pam_winbind.
> And some times it goes days without crashing other times it freezes
> several
> times an hour.
> I get this following entries in my auth.log:
>      write to socket failed!
>      internal module error (retval = 3
> I circumvented it by running wbinfo -p every minute and restarting
> winbbind if
> wbinfo failed.
> JonB

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