[Samba] Samba 3.0.20a and Winbind crashing (bug?)

Jon Bendtsen jon.bendtsen at laerdal.dk
Sun Oct 9 18:44:06 GMT 2005

This sounds like the same problem i had with winbind in both 3.0.14  
abd 3.0.20.

Mine freezes, and the daemon appears to be still running using ps and  
but it doesnt respond to queries.

It seems like i can trigger this event by running getent passwd. It  
shows the
accounts, but then the daemon dies.

I run it on debian sarge, and i have another server with different  
that also runs debian sarge. The other server does not have the problem
(havent tested with getent passwd) but it does not see as many auth.  
as the freezing server does. I use winbindd for pam_winbind.
And some times it goes days without crashing other times it freezes  
times an hour.

I get this following entries in my auth.log:
     write to socket failed!
     internal module error (retval = 3

I circumvented it by running wbinfo -p every minute and restarting  
winbbind if
wbinfo failed.


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