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Louis van Belle thcnbl at
Fri Oct 7 16:46:56 GMT 2005

Ok, ill see if i can setup a wiki which i will maintain, i'v got the servers etc, but i'm not so in to buildin a web site, i'll notify the samba list when ready. 

I use only debian for my servers and setup,
i have lots of experience with login scrips etc.
atm on windows and novell platforms, i have running debian with samba, ldap, cups, acl,etc3, pnp print setup (raw printing), fax is in progress, kix login script, use of usrmgr, and ldapadmin.
Im trying to integrate postfix and exchange 4linux into it, and also i'mlokking at the hula project. 
When ready i'll put a howto for this on my  wiki.

Greetz  louis

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   >Craig White wrote:
   >> I wonder if having some sort of wiki on samba web site wouldn't be
   >> useful for things like logon scripts and registry settings to be
   >> shared/discussed so they had their own longevity and current
   >> appropriateness as email archives don't often reflect the changing
   >> nature of things and sometimes the samba documentation has different
   >> objectives.
   >We've talked about it before but there is a fear that a
   >wiki would turn into a propogation mechanism for Samba
   >urban legends.  Someone (or a team of people) would need
   >act as editors.  Truthfully, if it were done right, it
   >would be probably be a good thing.  But if it weren't
   >it would be a really bad thing.
   >It's definitley too much for the developers to take on.
   >cheers, jerry
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