[Samba] nt migration concerns

Simon Faulkner simon at titanic.co.uk
Fri Oct 7 07:27:13 GMT 2005

> 1. what are the catches or gotcha's that i have to anticipate?
> 2. what approach should i take before i take the leap?
> 3. do i need ldap for samba pdc?
> 4. it simpliest terms what does ldap do?
> 5. just in case can i make our current nt4.0 become bdc?
> 6. having samba pdc, is it possible to authenticate from nt 4. bdc?
> 7. any other tips?

I am struggling with this move at the moment Jeisma, but only with 10 

1. - The main gotcha I am having is to make the clients think it is the 
same PDC and thus not make a new profile.

2. - PLAN and TEST -


3. - No.  But, with 300 clients you will wish that you did!

4. - It is a directory for storing usernames and passwords that you can 
use for logging on

5. - No

6. - No

7. - Replicate your NT4 and setup a test network in the Laboratory. 
Have the NT4, Samba and a couple of clients and do a complete trial move 
making notes.

This is a tough one because you need to switch and it's VERY difficult 
to move back once you have gone.

Good luck...


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