[Samba] slow down with WS 2003

Adrian Midgley dr.midgley at homefieldsurgery.nhs.uk
Thu Oct 6 18:27:06 GMT 2005

Debian Sarge as fileserver.

W2003 as an application server on an HP desktop, only providing services
to 3 other machines.

A DOS application, whcih of course is not g'teed by MS to run on
Terminal Server, but has seemed OK.

Now it produces extreme slowdowns, I think unpredictably.
It seemed to start suddenly last week, raising the question of an MS
update that has altered behaviour...

I've turned off oplocks on the Windows box, which hasn't altered it.
THey were always off in the Samba conf..

I'd be grateful for any ideas on where to look, or what to tweak, before
I give up on the idea.

Dr Adrian Midgley            from Homefield Surgery
01392 214151                 using Thunderbird

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