[Samba] Problem creating root ldap user in SLES9

Robert Prange rprange at sbcsc.k12.in.us
Thu Oct 6 02:44:27 GMT 2005


I am running Suse Linux Enterprise Server 9, and I am 
trying to get Samba to authenticate using LDAP.  I am 
using the YaST system tool to configure the LDAP server, 
LDAP client, and SAMBA.

The issue I am having is that after I configure the Samba 
server to use the LDAP backend it prompts me for a 
password creation for the root user.  This root user will 
be added to the LDAP directory, and I am assuming it will 
be the account I use to join machines to the domain. 
 However, I get an error saying the root user cannot be 
created.  I checked the YaST error log, and this is what 
it comes up with...

2005-10-05 20:59:33 <1> oasis(6451) [YCP] Service.ycp:324 
Enabling service nmb
2005-10-05 20:59:34 <1> oasis(6451) [YCP] Service.ycp:324 
Enabling service smb
2005-10-05 20:59:34 <1> oasis(6451) [YCP] 
SambaServer.ycp:2137 Found users: $["exit":0, "stderr":"", 
2005-10-05 20:59:44 <1> oasis(6451) [YCP] 
SambaServer.ycp:2123 Running: cat 
/tmp/YaST2-06451-8OsHz8/inp | pdbedit -a -t -u root
2005-10-05 20:59:44 <3> oasis(6451) [bash] 
ShellCommand.cc(shellcommand):73 Unable to add user! (does 
it already exist?)
2005-10-05 20:59:44 <3> oasis(6451) [YCP] 
SambaServer.ycp:2127 Failed to execute pdbedit

So, it's failing to execute a pdbedit, because It thinks 
the root user already exists in the LDAP directory, 
however, I happen to know that he doesn't.

Has anyone ever ran into a similar issue with SLES 9, or 
have any ideas?  Any help is appreciated, thanks.


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