[Samba] what's the best filesystem

Josh Kelley josh at jbc.edu
Wed Oct 5 14:53:02 GMT 2005

Duncan Robertson wrote:

>Also some usage patterns may affect things.. jfs seems to work much
>better than ext3 for reading directories with LOTS of files in it, a
>situation which not uncommon on large samba shares.
Ext3 now supports a dir_index option now to help with directories with
lots of files; I don't know how it compares to JFS, but performance was
at least acceptable when we tried it out.

>jfs file systems can be grown in place (without unmounting) - but cannot
>be shrunk.
>jfs you can choose the filename encoding on mount, which can effect the
>readability of filenames.
>ext3 can be grown and shrunk, but you have to unmount them.
Ext3 now supports online growing as well.

Josh Kelley

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