[Samba] Net Rpc Logoff possible?

Henrik Zagerholm henke at mac.se
Tue Oct 4 20:35:30 GMT 2005

Sounds like a cool idea!

I'll dig up some info regarding some different native win32 commands  
that you can test on.
As the C$ share is always (default anyway) available I should be able  
to make a remote logoff without any preconfiguration on my clients.

I'm currently buildning some embedded devices on both Win CE and Unix/ 
Linux using samba and I'll gladly help you anyway I can with this issue!

BTW what is the lib file for the NET command? I was thinking of  
building a native Perl & Ruby module for the NET RPC commands. =)

Thanks again Jerry!


4 okt 2005 kl. 22.20 skrev Gerald (Jerry) Carter:

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> Henrik Zagerholm wrote:
> | HI again!
> |
> | I've checked some info regarding the shutdown utlity in XP/2003.  
> The - l
> | option only works localy. Not to remote machines...
> |
> | Darn... and I thought I could solve this quick and easy =)
> I'm planning on implementing a sysinternals
> psexec equivalent later this week.  So if you
> have a win32 program that will do this trick, we
> can probably execute it remotely as long as you have
> an available [admin$] share on the target client.
> cheers, jerry
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