[Samba] Re: Samba/OpenLDAP reliability issue: backend experience needed

Jamrock news_jamrock at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 4 02:19:54 GMT 2005

"Gerd-Christian Michalke" <gmichalk at freegates.be> wrote in message
news:200510020758.15560.gmichalk at freegates.be...
> Hi
> this is more of an OpenLDAP issue, but since it is mostly used with Samba,
> some experience would be helpful.
> We have a SLES9 PDC, running samba-3.0.14a, openldap 2.2.6
> Sometimes, the OpenLDAP gets corrupted, no ideas why. It's a bad thing.
> We have 100+ computers, 300+ users, which shall get 350 computers and 800
> users.
> What would you suggest in order to be reliable ? Reliability is more
> than speed for us.
> I used to work with a bdb backend, had problems; the SuSE consultant told
> to use ldbm, but it isn't any better.
> Any advice would be helpful since googleling gives mostly contradictory
> information about that.
> Kind regard,
> Gerd
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Do a search on the ldap mailing list for db_recover.

If your server reboots without a proper shutdown, you may need to run
db_recover before you can access your data.

You can find the mailing list here:

I put the db_recover command in my /etc/rc.local so it just runs
automatically when my server starts.  I think the command automatically runs
when some of the newer versions of Openldap start up.

You could also have a look at setting up a secondary ldap server.  That way
you can replicate your database as new entries are added.  We really haven't
had any problems with Openldap.  Bdb is generally considered to be the
better database.

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