[Samba] Samba 3.0.20a on AIX 5.2

William Jojo jojowil at hvcc.edu
Sun Oct 2 11:29:56 GMT 2005

On Fri, 30 Sep 2005, Ric Tibbetts wrote:

> While I was between other things, I thought I'd try to build this.
> The build failed with:

What options are you compiling with on AIX? I can't recreate this.

also what is the output of "oslevel -r" and "lslpp -l bos.adt.include" ?

I think that fileset is very downlevel.



> Compiling dynconfig.c
> In file included from include/includes.h:507,
>                   from dynconfig.c:21:
> /usr/include/aio.h:76: field `aio_sigevent' has incomplete type
> /usr/include/aio.h:127: field `aio_sigevent' has incomplete type
> In file included from dynconfig.c:21:
> include/includes.h:811: redefinition of `struct timespec'
> make: 1254-004 The error code from the last command is 1.
> Same problem as 3.0.20
> -Ric
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