[Samba] winbind memroy leack?

Gerald (Jerry) Carter jerry at samba.org
Wed Nov 30 13:53:28 GMT 2005

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Marco Rodriguez M. wrote:

| Hello,  since two days ago i've noticed that the
| winbind process take too much memory and it
| continue growing constantly.  I have to restart
| it every day when it grows to 1.5GB.  I'm using
| the last stable release from samba (3.0.20b-24) with
| ldap backend.    Is there any one who can
| help me to discover what is wrong with winbind? i
| always have above 3 winbind processes running
| and netstat shows me above 160 conections with
| state CONNECTED from winbind, the logs seems to be right
| there is no error of any kind.

Can you double check on the size of the tdb files?
Is any file extremely lareg in size?  There are no reported
memory leaks like this that I know of.

cheers, jerry
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