[Samba] file mode creation at a directory level

Taolizhong a12zengl at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 29 17:30:49 GMT 2005

Hello --
  I am creating a share directory on a samba server for a group of users. I would like to make sure:
  1. Only the members in that group can create files and subfolders on that directory 
  2. Other people cannot have any access to the files/subfolers.
  3. The members can have full access to files/directories other members create.
  The above requirements seem simple, however, my problem is, because the share directory is neither under any of the members' home directory nor a seperate partition, and the system umask is set to 022, which is not supposed to be changed,  whenever a new file is created, it automatically has permission as -rwxr--r--, not -rwxrwx--- that I desire. I guess my problem is related to how to file mode creation at a directory level.
  The samba version I am running is 3.0.20b and the OS is Solaris/x86.


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