[Samba] home folders query

John Halfpenny jhalfpenny at excite.com
Tue Nov 29 16:35:09 GMT 2005

hi everyone.

i'm in the middle of setting up a test network to see if we can move our students over to samba next year. 

i have a question regarding home folders, and i suppose which would be my best route.

we have a big mac raid system which i would like to implement for home folders, but i want to keep the samba PDC on a separate machine.

would it be better if i were to setup the mac as a samba fileserver with the home folders on, *or* would it be better to connect using nfs to the home folders from the samba pdc?


client ----> samba pdc
       +---> samba home folders pc


client ----> samba pdc ----> nfs map to home folders pc

anyone have any thoughts on which would be the quickest and easiest option? i'm tempted with the first but haven't set up samba home folders on a non-pdc before, if that is the better route then is it possible to do that?

thank you very much for reading! :-)


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