[Samba] Samba guide Ch5: cannot resolve user id

Olivier Thibaut olivier at eggstorycp.com
Tue Nov 29 04:22:53 GMT 2005


I am following Ch5 of the Samba Guide and so far it has been working 
pretty good till that point:

> *Procedure 5.8. LDAP Directory Initialization Steps
> *
> 12. This step will determine whether or not identity resolution is 
> working correctly. Do not procede is this step fails, rather find the 
> cause of the failure. The *id* command may be used to validate your 
> configuration so far, as shown here:
>|root# | id chrisr
>uid=1002(chrisr) gid=513(Domain Users) groups=513(Domain Users)
*I can see the user I added as a result of step 11 but at step 12 I get 
a No Such User error.
Sorry if this is obvious to some of you, I have to say I have absolutely 
no experience of this kind of setup :-(
What can I check to find the cause of the failure ?

Many thanks for your help !

Olivier Thibaut.

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