[Samba] ~! High CPU usage on SLES9 box running 3.0.14a when printing via LPD !~

powderskier9 at hotmail.com powderskier9 at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 29 01:20:37 GMT 2005


I am currently experiencing an issue on our network when people are printing 
via LPD. Recently, we upgraded our main Samba server from Suse 8.0 running 
Samba 2.28 to SLES9 running 3.0.14a. The upgrade was done mainly to resolve 
oplocks issues that appear to be resolved in 3.0.14a.

Since we have upgraded, top is showing that lp is running above 50% of CPU 
usage on the server when being printed to. Basically it seems that whenever 
we have a fair bit of printing on the network, (30 clients printing) the CPU 
usage for lp will spike and eventually the server becomes unresponsive. The 
server does not stop working, it just becomes bogged down and lp will 
eventually stop. So if I run a chkconfig on the server, I will not see lp 
running, it is stopped. This is currently causing some major issues on our 
network, and was not something that we encountered when testing with 3 
systems during a test period on a test LAN.

Any help or further information that I can provide? Does anybody have any 
suggestions as to what could be causing the high cpu usage? Possible testing 

We currently have our smb.conf file set to printing = lprng.

Your time and attention to this issue are greatly appreciated.



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