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Eric Hines eehines at
Sun Nov 27 04:00:57 GMT 2005

>Date: Sat, 26 Nov 2005 21:39:28 -0600
>To: Craig White <craigwhite at>
>From: Eric Hines <eehines at>
>Subject: Re: [Samba] Basic Setup Problem
>> >
>> > 1) your point is valid about the password; I was following the example
>> > as exactly as I could.
>> > 2) there is no difference between smbclient -L localhost -U root and
>> > lserver0 -U root--both fail with the LOGON_FAILURE message.  It acts
>> > like I've got the user Root set up wrong, somehow; the anonymous look
>> > (smbclient ... -U%) works correctly.  I'm also having trouble getting
>> > in from a Win2k PC and an XP laptop, but I suspect the present problem
>> > underlies that problem.
>> > 3) wins support isn't relevant to this example, but I turned that on,
>> > anyway, and got no change.
>> > 4) my very basic smb.conf, as set up by the example, follows.
>> >
>> > # Samba config file created using SWAT
>> > # from (
>> > # Date: 2005/11/26 18:36:19
>> >
>> > # Global parameters
>> > [global]
>> >         workgroup = ASTRA_ENT
>> >         security = SERVER
>>s/b       security = user
>I'll bite: why?  I mean, I understand from a security standpoint you're 
>right--server level security is suboptimal; however, in the example 
>scenario, the "company" was uninterested in security, and security = 
>server ought to have been OK--and it was what the example called for.
>I changed to security = user, and smbclient -L localhost/lserver0 both 
>worked correctly.
>Now, however, the other problem to which I alluded remains.  I can only 
>get into the share from my Win2k or my XP machines as root.  I should be 
>able to go right in: guest ok = yes.
>Eric Hines

First, my apologies for the direct replies; I was banging the REPLY button 
without paying attention to the fact that the replies were not going to the 
list.  Second, the second problem--not being able to get in from a Windows 
box except as root--is also fixed--another of my stupid errors: security 
s/b SHARE, not SERVER.

Thanks for your patience.

Eric Hines 

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