[Samba] Basic Setup Problem

Eric Hines eehines at comcast.net
Sun Nov 27 02:22:41 GMT 2005


This is an embarrassingly basic problem; I'm obviously doing something 
fundamentally wrong.  I'm running SUSE Professional 9.3 and Samba 3.0.13 
(I'm trying to upgrade to 3.0.20b, but I get a dependency error--that's 
another story).

My problem is this: I'm trying to set up John Terpstra's Example 1.2.1 from 
his Samba by Example (I told you this was basic), but when I run smbclient 
-L lerver0 -Uroot%password (the real one), all I get is 
NT_STATUS_LOGON_FAILURE.  smbclient -L localhost U% works 
correctly.  Testparm indicates the smb.conf is at least syntactically 
correct.  ps indicates that smbd and nmbd are both running.  Finally, I've 
confirmed that root is in smbpasswd and has the same password and the 
overall Linux box (I've even reset it in smbpasswd to be sure).

Any help would be appreciated.

Eric Hines

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