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Tom Peters tpeters at mixcom.com
Fri Nov 25 22:29:06 GMT 2005

At 06:31 PM 11/25/2005 -0300, contacto_AGS wrote:
>It work's  OK   but.
>When I installed a wireless acces point Linksys  it does not work.
>I disabled the firewall in the acces point but with no result.   Can
>anybody help me???

Many so-called "wireless access points" (WAP) are in reality a router with 
a wireless access point attached internally. You haven't given much 
information here so it's very hard to help you. "It doesn't work" is not 
enough. Does it break your whole network? Or is it only equipment connected 
to the WAP that doesn't work? Or is it only wireless gear attached to the 
WAP that fails to gain connectivity?

What model number Linksys WAP have you got there? Explain what your network 
looks like too, what's connected to what and using what ports.

There's no way to tell from your message if it's a router/WAP or not. Most 
likely, it is. If so, everything connected to it is on a separate IP subnet 
from whatever is on its WAN port.

Some of them don't care if the subnets are numbered the same: You can have 
192.168.0.x on both sides, and they will be separate subnets, and the 
firmware is too dumb to object. Of course, routing between them is totally 
screwed up and confused.

If you have a true WAP, without a router attached, or with routing turned 
off, then there's some other problem, like WEP key mismatch or 
configuration issues.

Supply more info.

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