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Joel Franco joel.franco at gmail.com
Sat Nov 26 02:32:39 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I'm really sad that Win2k3 server runs a lot better in a shared folder
that keep a file based database that Windows 9x and WinNT clients.

Explaining it better... Here in Brazil, unfortunaly we still have a lot
business that is based in the old file shared database, like Dataflex,
Clipper and like. Then, they need a robust and fast server to centralize
that files.

With Windows98 clients and Samba 3 server, the performance of the access
to this shared database file is good and because the ultra robust samba
server (based in Linux), this configuration scenario was a excelent

However, the Windows 98 is stopping be supported by Microsoft and this
is forcing the client machines of this business to migrate to NT based
workstations (win2k and winXP usually).

Here starts the problem...

Empirically, when a NT based is added to the existing network, the
database application runs slowly (access data) in this client machine
and in others NT machines that are added to the LAN.

If i substitute this samba server with a Win2k3 Standard Server, the
application latency backs to the original (or close), before the NT
clients. This was a big deception to me and since then, i'm trying to
find why this happens but i'm specialist.

I have observed in the ethereal sniffer that exists a lot of "Locking
AndX Request" and "Locking AndX Response" that is highly "ping pong"
communication between the server and the client, that certainly don't
permit a good brute transfer. I understand that must exist a lock
mechanism to not corrupt the file database shared between others

A quick observation in the ethereal with the 98 clients, show that the
protocol is different and the sniffer have not a good knowledge of it
(it appears like a raw traffic).

I have not still observed the Win2k3 protocol with the NT stations. This
maybe is my next step.

My fundamental question is, why the different protocol is so slow and,
supposing that the 98 protocol with the server is better (fast and safe
- at least in this files database in my experience), how i can configure
the samba server to just accept this old protocol or how to configure
the NT stations to runs faster.

Regards All,

Joel Franco
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