[Samba] problem with login script not running as one user

Michael Barnes mbarnes at hcjb.org
Tue Nov 22 22:30:02 GMT 2005

Do you have a "valid users=" entry on the shares in question?  If so, is 
the problem user a member of that group? That one caught me recently.  I 
forgot to add the user to the group that could see that share.


Harondel J. Sibble told me on 11/22/2005 15:19:
> Okay, have a small office running Samba on MDK 10.1 and XP workstations:
>     samba-server-3.0.10-0.1.101mdk
>     samba-client-3.0.10-0.1.101mdk
>     samba-vscan-clamav-3.0.10-0.1.101mdk
>     samba-common-3.0.10-0.1.101mdk
> Using tbdsam as our backend. I recently added a new user, however this user 
> does not run the regular login script for some reason
>     net use h: \\FILESERVER\homes /YES
>     net use p: \\FILESERVER\public /YES
>     net use z: \\FILESERVER\archive /YES
> The only drive being mapped is the home directory and it's being mapped as 
> Z:, none of the other drives are being mapped.
> I've checked the samba logs for both the server and workstation in question, 
> also event logs on the workstation itself and don't see anything obvious 
> relating to this problem. 
> We are using roaming profiles for all users and logging in as several other 
> users on this machine has the proper drive mappings from the login script.
> I've checked user and group ownership on the various files and all seems as 
> expected.
> It's just this one user that is problematic. Googling hasn't turned up 
> anything useful so far.
> Suggestions?

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