[Samba] Changing/fixing machine names

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Those older boxes use NetBIOS.  The names will gradually disappear in
about 30 minutes (after they are tombstoned).  Consider having a WINS
server, to clean up network traffic, and (at least under windows wins)
tombstone them immediately.

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I think I found some of my cutover problems.  I found a couple Win98 
machines which had the same name for user and machine names.  While it 
never seemed to be an issue in the Netware realm, under Samba, it 
appears to have undesirable results.  Although the machines have been 
renamed, there still seem to be strange problems.

Any ideas on where to fix/change/clean whatever to remove the machine 
names from the system?  I don't know whether I need to fix the registry 
or something in Samba or both.

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