[Samba] samba as AD member server - IP address / hostname change

Tomasz Likus tlikus at gmail.com
Fri Nov 18 10:19:08 GMT 2005

first, let me sketch the situation. i have some samba (both version
2.2 and 3) servers. one of them - say server1 (samba version 2) is
currently being upgraded (to samba version 3, in order to join active
directory as domain member server), so all shares from this server
were moved to other one, say server 2. on the server2 i created
aliased network interface with ip address of server1. server2 has
already joined to active directory domain by now. after upgrade of
server1 is done i will join it to active directory using temporary ip
address (the "proper" ip is now used by server1 as alias) and
temporary hostname. then i will move back all shares, restore original
ip and hostname for server1. so, i have the following question. will
ad complain about "network id" after ip and hostname change? if yes -
what to do? join ad again with new ip and hostname? if no - will
everything work properly, that my clients won't see any difference
between serving files from server2 (through aliased network
interface)? the key point is that my users should not even notice any
thanks for advice.
best regards,
tomasz likus

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