[Samba] Transparent domain migration

Eduardo Gimeno edu at casagimeno.com
Fri Nov 18 08:36:07 GMT 2005

>On Thu, 17 Nov 2005, Eduardo Gimeno wrote:
>> only the last user can log in the computer after the migration, and NO
>> OTHER USER IN THE DOMAIN can log in that computer. That repeats on every
>Some months ago we had a similar situation in our small network, although
>in that time we only had one w2k client with that problem and it was
>solved apparentely when we updated samba from 3.0.7 (perhaps) to
>Pablo Chamorro C.

Unfortunately I cannot upgrade to any version of samba. It is already
installed in hundreds of server all around the country and they come from
the same master. No change can be made on it.

I hope some can help with some workaround for version 2.2.12...


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