[Samba] Backup Tape

Christopher Barry cbarry at silverstorm.com
Wed Nov 16 16:28:10 GMT 2005

On Wed, 2005-11-16 at 13:52 +0100, Louis van Belle wrote:
> /quote >a couple of tapes cost nearly as much as a hard disk... 
> Yes, thats though, but my company had the policy to take the lateste
> backup tape out of the office, this in case of fire for example.
> im going to make a backup storage on a server with sata drivers in raid 1
> ( real raid 1, hardware raid ) this way i can take the drive out of the 
> company. i'll buy about 5 drives, which there are four always away.
> just a hint for people out there. !!! TAKE YOUR BACKUP OUT OF YOUR OFFICE.
> realy in case of fire insurance will mostlikely NOT payout if there is no
> backup
> of all your data to garanty that the company can start again.
> Louis
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> >Denis Vlasenko schrieb:
> >> On Wednesday 16 November 2005 12:34, Bruno Guerreiro wrote:
> >> 
> >>>Hi, not sure if this fits you, but have you tried Arkeia?
> >>>http://www.arkeia.com/products/asb/
> >>>They have a free version for users with less than 50GB to backup.
> >>>
> >>>Best Regards,
> >>>Bruno Guerreiro
> >>>
> >>>P.S. There will always be tar... ;-) 
> >> 
> >> 
> >> Yes.
> >> 
> >> At today's prices of hard disk space, I do not understand
> >> why one may need a specialized backup software.
> >> 
> >> Just tar it, then nice -n 20 bzip2 it.
> >
> >7zip / p7zip / 7za compresses even better and faster than bzip2.
> >
> >a couple of tapes cost nearly as much as a hard disk...
> >
> >
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May I suggest Exabyte VXA-2 (formerly Ecrix) decks? These things are
inexpensive and work great with standard mt on *nix. I have built an 8
VXA deck rack-mounted Debian backup server with a 600GB SATA RAID 0
volume on it. I rsync a bunch of remote server data to it nightly, and
then using custom backup software I wrote, I stream to all decks in
parallel once the rsync is done. I have planned on open sourcing the
software, called Arkyve, but have yet to make it generic enough for
anyone to figure out and use ;(. I wrote it because I could not find any
software that would do what I needed, e.g. allow me to dedicate specific
decks to specific jobs, and split the jobs evenly on directory
boundaries over the assigned decks, and write in parallel to minimize
the backup time window. It keeps a catalog of what's on what tape,
emails log reports, has built in functionality for rotation, generates
an Iron Mountain manifest PDF (using ReportLab) and actually ftps a PS
version of the manifest to my printer. Works For Me TM ;)

If anyone is interested in hacking on it a bit, I can email a tarball of
it to you. I started a sourceforge project for it months ago, but life
has kinda prevented me actually getting after it... It is, of course,
GPL'd and a work in progress. No guarantees. 

PS If you're interested in the backup server specs, I can try to get
those out to you all as well. 


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