[Samba] sned message with smbclient

Patrick DUBAU patrick.dubau at alsace.iufm.fr
Wed Nov 16 15:30:54 GMT 2005


i just want to send message (popups) with the smbclient.

The syntax i use is :
    smbclient -M user
where user is the login name
This works fine, my problem is that the message is only sent to one 
station even if the user is logged more.

Second problem : i can't send message to an specific station.
Exemple : user is logged on station i-dp and i-info
when i use the command : smbclient -M i-dp or smbclient -M i-info
the message commes  only on station i-dp

verssion of  smbclient : 3.0.14a-3

Thanks for any help

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