[Samba] workstation service failing on Windows XP (Samba + LDAP)

Martin mamado at nitix.com
Tue Nov 15 23:10:45 GMT 2005

Hello All,


Quoting Terry Wood:


    I am having problems with about 80% of my Windows XP machines that 
are connected to a PDC. The PDC is running Fedora Core 2, Samba 3.0.3-5, 
openldap 2.1.29-1 ***, and kernel 2.6.5-1.358. The XPs that don't work 
are all very new machines and I am guessing that they are running a 
different version of XP than the ones that do work. All of the Win98 
machines I have connected to the PDC work without any problems.
    Whenever the troublesome XPs successfully authenticate to the PDC, 
the workstation service (a.k.a. svchost.exe) dies. This closes the 
connection to the PDC (no drives can be mapped, roaming profiles cannot 
be found, etc). I can manually restart the workstation service, log off, 
then log back in and everything works fine until the XP machine is 
rebooted. Searching the internet, I have concluded that this is either a 
Samba bug or an ldap misconfiguration (or both) combined with the usual 
Microsoft crud. My question is : Is there a newer version of samba or a 
hotfix for XP that will correct this? If it is a ldap misconfiguration, 
can someone guide through a unmisconfiguration :) ? I am willing to post 
my smb.conf, any ldap conf file, and any more info upon request. I 
greatly appreciate anyone who helps.

I have a similar issue. I however run Nitix a flavour of Linux. When an
account is deleted and then readded with the same name on the Nitix box,
Windows fails to authenticate the user and says " server cannot be found".
Is it possible that the profile for the deleted user still resides somewhere
inhibiting future logins for users of the same name.


Please advise.

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