[Samba] OpenLDAP and SAMBA

Pavan krishna p.krishna at diversityarrays.com
Tue Nov 15 23:01:51 GMT 2005

I have done the similar in my company and had the same problem, I have 
now a centralized authentication of the linux local user, email and 
samba user. You need to check for the ACS's in the slapd.conf file 
first, making sure that every one has the full rights on their account 
in LDAP and the root or ldap admin has the full rights on all the 
records in the ldap.

then make the changes in the nssswitch.conf file and then change the 
entries in the /etc/pam.d directory for samba & login & passwd files.

this should solve your problem but when playing with pam.d directory, 
make sure you are logged in some other terminal as you may lock yourself.

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