[Samba] Share access error

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> Subject: [Samba] STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID error
> Hi,
> I tried to access a file share on a Windows 2003 server that has around
> 150 other directories. It didn't succeed, the tcp dump indicates that
> the server returns STATUS_OBJECT_NAME_INVALID error for the trans2
> request (FIND_NEXT2). I can successfully access other directories on the
> server that has fewer directories. My samba client is version 2.2.7. I
> would appreciate if some one could help resolving this issue.
samba 2.2.7 is ancient and should be updated.

the entire samba 2.2.x is obsolete but if you are intent on running
2.2.x, update to final which I think was 2.2.28

For samba 2.2.x to access things like Win2K3 servers, I think you need
to pull down the security features in the Win2K3 servers' local policy
requiring signorseal... I think you will find this stuff by googling
samba signorseal

Note...Samba 3.0.x does not require this


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