[Samba] Adding Nested Partitions To A Mount Point

Noah Dain noahdain at gmail.com
Mon Nov 14 22:12:57 GMT 2005

On 11/14/05, Stefan Smietanowski <stesmi at stesmi.com> wrote:
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> Hi.
> > For linux, there is lvm2 and evms.  Evms is a bit, well, it's totally
> > invasive to your system and kernel, so look into lvm2.  lvm2 is quite
> How is EVMS invasive?
> EVMS is basically a collection of software that uses the DM driver
> just like LVM2.
> It USED (2002) to have it's own kernel driver but that was
> ages ago.
> It's like saying Samba can't be a PDC just because Samba 2.x didn't
> really have the code for it.
> // Stefan

If that has all changed and has properly been 'aged/tested' for
reliability reasons, great, my bad, and by all means vive les evms. 
But last time I tinkered with it, it wanted it's own partition types
(that nothing else seemed to understand), tried to grab every fs on
the system, and don't even go looking to do a root partition on evms
(oh what fun it is to have to hack your initrd).  And yes, in the
latter event lvm2 is similar, but at least there were tools about to
make this as painless as possible.

Or perhaps it's just not invasive by your standards, kind of how like
goatse.cx man wouldn't consider a bottle up his bum invasive.

Meanwhile, I know lvm2 works just ducky with all necessary kernel
parts in the current vanilla kernel, and is more than sufficient for
the op's usage.  Which also falls in line with the kiss principal.

so that's why I just said lvm2.

Noah Dain

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