[Samba] execute desktop app on folder entry?

Christopher Barry cbarry at silverstorm.com
Mon Nov 14 17:54:27 GMT 2005


	I've hunted around, but cannot find anything on this. I know I read
about it - primarily in context with printers, but let me explain what
I'm trying to accomplish, and you all can tell me if this feasible.

I have a music share now that has all of my mp3s in it. I installed
gnump3d (very slick, by the way) which is a streaming media server with
a web frontend. I want that when people click the folder in samba, that
it no longer shares the data via smb, but instead opens up the users
default browser with the gnump3d URL in it. Is this possible? And if so,
can someone point me to the relevant options I need in smb.conf?


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