[Samba] is this a DNS resolution problem ?

Valéry Roché vroche at univ-poitiers.fr
Mon Nov 14 14:18:22 GMT 2005

Hi again,

It seems the problem is solved by these two lines in smb.conf, [global] 
section  :
	interfaces = x1.x2.x3.x4/yy, z1.z2.z3.z4/vv, etc... (enumerate all IP 
addresses, with the associated mask)
	 bind interfaces only = yes

Before, the smb.conf was like that :
	interfaces = *

On the client side, TCP/IP over Netbios must be enabled, no WINS 
required( it even seems that enabling a wins server may produce problems).

Everything seems quiet ok now. I hope it will work.


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