[Samba] is this a DNS resolution problem ?

Valéry Roché vroche at univ-poitiers.fr
Thu Nov 10 08:59:31 GMT 2005

Hi list,

I encounter a problem again, which I thought resolved : when joining a 
domain, sometimes the workstation says it cannot join, or the domain 
does not exist, or something like that, because there is a DNS 
resolution probleme. I read the Micro$oft documentation listed in the 
error message 

I solved the problem, the first time, by activating netbios over TCP/IP 
on each workstation. All workstation joined the domain. Good.
But some days after, noone can connect with these workstations : the 
domain does not exist ! (and yes, I checked if smbd service was running...)

The PDC (named carbone) is running Debian testing. I think the problem 
is in the fact it is configured to listen on several interfaces. These 
interfaces are virtual (I'm using vlan and 802.1q). There are several 
subnets (named lan_xxx), all nated by a FreeBSD box on the outside (the 
outside is a private network too, let's name it lan0.
The PDC has one interface for each subnets, even for lan0. But isn't 
there a problem if the PDC announce himself with the same name on all 
the vlans, as the carbone is only delcared for lan0 ? Should I not use 
virtual servers with several smb.conf for each vlans, where the PDC 
could be named by the named it is declared in the DNS for each vlan ?
I don't know if you can understand, but it's a difficult thing to 
explain with a language that is not mine :D

I shut off the PDC on all the vlans, and it is only running on lan0 : 
joining domain works perfectly.

Thank everyone who has read this ;)


P.S. : the previous thread I initaited is not finished. I must give the 
solution, given by Staffan Emrén (thank you very much Staffan). The fact 
is the rights are given before login time. So even if I write a script 
to put a domain user/group in the local administrators group, it won't 
have the rights until next connection. For adding the user to the local 
administrators, I'm using CPAU, wich works perfectly.

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