[Samba] how to migrate to samba-ldap transparently?

Pablo Chamorro C. pchamorro at ingeominas.gov.co
Fri Nov 11 12:46:15 GMT 2005

>> Somebody of you know if this process can be made transparently without
>> rejoin every PC to the domain? how?. We have disabled the roaming profiles
>> option.  We have some 100 clients/users.
> ----
> Nowhere do you say what type of system is currently the PDC and that
> probably matters.

Is a samba 3.0.5-2 one under RH 9.0.  This domain was built from scratch, 
without any NT to Samba migration.  Now we are changing the local 
authentication for one based on openldap.

The person who is leading the migration says that when a windows machine 
is joined a password in the field "sambaNTPassword" is created and the 
rejoin process is required in order to register that password in openldap. 
That's what I understand.

But, e.g. we have another PDC with FC4 and samba 3.0.15, so the question 
was in general, but if there is an especific answer it is worthful for us.

I tried to post this query to the openldap list but the administrator 
clasified my email as 'off topic'!

Thank you very much,

Pablo Chamorro C.

> Craig

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