[Samba] Group mapping giving incorrect GIDs

Adam Nielsen adam.nielsen at uq.edu.au
Fri Nov 11 02:04:31 GMT 2005

> Adam - can you describe your intended use of group mapping? I re-read 
> your original post, and am wondering why you can't just add the 
> winbind-mapped group directly to the folder (directory) ACL (as
> opposed to mapping a *ix group to the winbind-mapped group, then
> adding the *ix group to the ACL)?

I probably could add the winbind-created group directly to the folder
(as I have tried this and it works) however I would like to avoid it if
possible, as 1) the GIDs probably won't match up if the filesystem is
accessed from a different PC running an identically configured Samba
instance and 2) if I ever have to remove the groups in Active
Directory, it's much easier to just alter the group mapping rather than
chmod a whole bunch of files and folders.  (I'm not using ACLs on the
UNIX side yet, I was hoping the standard ugo permissions would be

I wonder whether it would be possible to modify winbind's database, to
override the automatically assigned GIDs from say 10002 to 203?  Dodgy
I know, but it may allow me to keep using UNIX groups and it could be
scripted to keep it uniform across multiple machines.


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