[Samba] LMB and browse.dat Updates

Jesse Spangenberger jesse at oceanlodge.biz
Thu Nov 10 21:29:02 GMT 2005

I realize this is most likely the most killed topic anyone on the net.  Most
of the information i've found don't directly answer this question.
I have a Samba server set up as the DMB and LMB via smb.conf.  I have set up
nmbd to do WINS. I setup all my XP box clients to use my Samba server.
I ran Ethereal on the server and can see the Samba server wins election for
DMA and LMB.  I can also see each PC registering with Samba.  The
/var/lib/samba/wins.bat is correct but the browse.dat file only shows the
server information.
I am trying to see if i missed something here. if needed i can post my

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