[Samba] how to migrate to samba-ldap transparently?

Pablo Chamorro C. pchamorro at ingeominas.gov.co
Thu Nov 10 16:43:11 GMT 2005

We are in the point of change our samba 3.0.5 PDC setup in order to make 
it authenticate its users against openldap 2.3.11.

We already have the openldap server working with all the PDC users data 
and we also have already tested the wanted scenario using an identical PDC 
setuped up with the same SID and its netbios name changed and some PCs for 
testing as domain clients (we outsourced this task).

Somebody of you know if this process can be made transparently without 
rejoin every PC to the domain? how?. We have disabled the roaming profiles 
option.  We have some 100 clients/users.

Thanks in advance,

Pablo Chamorro C.

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