[Samba] Strange Samba permissions

Scott Mayo sgmayo at mail.bloomfield.k12.mo.us
Thu Nov 10 14:00:30 GMT 2005

I have a problem with some Samba permissions.  Here is the share.

     path = /school/bhs
     read only = no
     valid users = @teacher @admin @bhs
     create mask = 660
     force create mode = 2660
     directory mask = 770
     force directory mode = 3770

T: is mapped to a DFS share with permissions 3777, then the 'bhs' share 
is a link in the DFS share.

I get inconsistent directories when they are created.  Here are two 
directories that were created within 1 minute of each other, in the 
'bhs' share, by the same user, and they got different permissions.

drwxrwx--T	2	kertzb	teacher	4096	Sep 22 03:41 word computer two

drwxrws--T	2	kertzb	teacher 4096	Sep 22 03:42 Word Chapter one

The 2nd one got the SGUID bit carried over, the first did not.  Why 
would this happen?

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